Based on the Total Quality philosophy;

  • Establishing long-term, lasting relationships based on mutual trust by seeing our customers, agents and suppliers as our business partners,
  • To be able to produce needs-based supply chain solutions by constantly improving our processes in order to provide service beyond the expectations of our customers,
  • To manage our services, adapted to the requirements of our customers and the features of their products, in a holistic framework working on a common axis, with the most affordable costs,
  • To use our resources effectively and efficiently while performing our services,
    By allowing our employees to develop themselves, to increase their competencies with activities planned in line with their needs.
  • To achieve our goals as a team by adopting teamwork,
  • Being aware of its social, environmental and OHS responsibility, to provide all necessary resources for these
  • To carry out the management system requirements we have in accordance with the relevant standards and to provide the necessary resources for them,
  • To carry out studies in accordance with the national and international legal regulations and standards and ethical rules in force within the scope of our activities,

We are committed.

With the awareness that Sustainable Development is our duty;

  • To make Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental awareness a way of life,
  • Taking preventive measures to reduce and, if possible, eliminate all possible risks that occur or may occur during our operations, with the “Zero Occupational Accident” approach,
  • To create a positive OHS culture with the active participation of our employees in occupational health and safety in their own areas of responsibility, believing that all accidents are preventable,
  • To minimize natural resource consumption,
  • By trying to minimize the wastes generated during our operations, to create reuse opportunities and to ensure that the wastes that cannot be prevented are disposed of in a way that will not harm the nature,
  • To constantly monitor the established integrated management system and the activities of this system and to keep it accessible to the relevant parties,
  • Continuous improvement by following our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental performance with the participation of all our employees,
  • To carry out the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management system requirements we have in accordance with the relevant standards and to provide all the necessary resources for these,
  • To comply with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and standards regarding Occupational
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Protection,

We are committed.

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